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    Inside the "civil war" sauce

    Never, "war" between fish sauce and fish sauce industry tradition was pushed again to its current climax, especially after the announcement is said to be full of wry Standards Association and Protection consumption Vietnam (Vinastas) of arsenic content in fish sauce the day 15:10. More than ever, every consumer should equip themselves with the knowledge to become wise yourself.

    Struggling between "matrix" sauce

    that's exactly the feeling of most of the housewives whenever she went looking for a bottle of fish sauce. A quick survey of the Labour Reporter newspaper with 9 women are present in the store at supermarket fish sauce Vinmart Van Quan (Ha Dong, Hanoi) is 7 because so many people say that they blindly brand choices ... selected by advertisers.

    "Many that know how to choose. I saw this ad for more products to buy on the trial, see also seem to use it ", she has picked up the bottle of fish sauce British brand into the basket just said N for PV. But there is a fact, no one in 9 people distinguish what is sauce industry, where is the traditional sauce. They just know ... differentiated by price. "I think that there is a rule, the higher-protein fish sauce are expensive, eat more sweet, so I think it's good," she Hai Anh said.

    According to the General Statistics Office, the Vietnam people annually consume more than 200 million liters of fish sauce with a total turnover of about 7200-7500 billion. But according to data from market research group Euromonitor, the market size of up to 2015 fish sauce 11.300 billion, including industrial fish sauce sauce 76% and only 24% of traditional market share. With a dominant market share, sauce industry present at the same level across the alley with hundreds of different brands are five bared attack every family kitchen Vietnam. Observations from the reality of PV also for the same results. Ie, industrial sauce gain the upper hand.

    Talking with Lao Dong Newspaper Reporter, Dr. Nguyen Trung Son - Rector of the College of Economics - Commercial Engineering, an expert biochemical said sauce is defined as the product of the fermentation mixture with salt fish, and can include other ingredients added to assist the fermentation process and requirements management involve. In which fish is fresh fish, consistent quality; Salt is salt water also must comply with the Decision 1329/2002 / BYT / QD about hygienic standards of drinking water.

    Talking about the biggest difference between traditional fish sauce and fish sauce industrial, TS said: sauce traditionally brewed annual net loss, while the industrial fish sauce is produced from mixing with the "new phase morning, afternoon had sold".

    Vietnamese Results 1 sample testing of fish sauce protein 60 but the arsenic content is only 0.002 mg / l.

    Observe the sauce bottles were randomly selected PV from the supermarket and brought Dr. Son pointed out inadequacies first right on some bottles of sauce does not clearly recorded just general content General composed "core anchovies crystal" or "incense fish." "The product does not specify how much content is puzzling how consumers. If only credited "crystal aggregates anchovy" then a drop as well as already exists. Clear that the definition above, fish is the main ingredient in the sauce, "the Dr. said.

    Besides, look at a dozen finished products shipped within the PV sauce bottles bearing to Dr. Son also adds: Both dozen ingredients how about this sauce is called again, to call correctly say the name of the sauce.

    industrial sauce nothing bad < / p>

    Also the analysis of traditional fish sauce and fish sauce industry, Associate Professor - Doctor Nguyen Duy Thinh (Institute of biotechnology and food - Hanoi Polytechnic University) said: "Since there is no clearly defined in the description, the text so I can talk like this.

    They are fishing for, clean, not gutted liver, mixed salted fish. Then the fish and salt into ang, crockery jars, or tanks called truop. Thanks to enzymes in the intestine of fish, fish that it will hydrolyze into a solution containing amino acids from fish meat. High levels of the enzyme should not be very long, new hydrolyzed fish. These small fish are small in size, the faster the process truop. However, perishable fish, to have the ability to defend, it was extremely high in salt to counteract the impact on microorganisms, because the fish is full of bacteria, parasites and even more. This creates disadvantages sauce is very salty. Salty but very fragrant, characteristic of fish sauce. So people are preferred. Fish sauce characterized as anchovies, herring, mackerel was delicious. The weakness is salty and not high protein.

    Eventually the researchers found the nature of fish sauce is enzyme activity, it is added from outside the human enzyme inserted, then hydrolyzed fish much quicker. It only takes about 3 months, 6 months truop sauce finished already.

    sauce using enzymes created by humans, by creating industrial machinery, industrial fish sauce called. That's a start. It's no different sauce traditional sauce but has the disadvantage of non-aromatic smell, although high levels of amino acids. They are trying to overcome, no smell, it smells add, just to prove to be safe, non-toxic, it added. It is aromatherapy.

    Carry a step further, the enzyme was found to remain for long should people still produce meat sauces, but they split the fish, meat and fish obtained or used some sort proteins from other animals hydrolysis always, created something of a solution containing very high amounts of amino acids, very tasty, but no smell of fish sauce. Then, they take the traditional sauce, philosophy, the hydrolysis mix with this, for aromatherapy on. Thus, the traditional sauce is very salty was diluted out, very high protein.

    Vietnamese A stall selling fish sauce at the supermarket.

    this type of fish sauce called industrial. Nothing bad at all, very good. Still delicious, natural, aromatic, non-toxic.

    So I can conclude sauce is composed of 2 types of formal traditional fish sauce and fish sauce industry. Hydrolyzed fish sauce from animals, mainly fish. Industrial fish sauce more progress, showing the entry of scientists, put applications in life sciences to improve the quality of the sauce.

    Type 3 is fish sauce Fake preparation. They use a number of colors, smells, tastes similar to blend sauce sauce. Then mixed with a little sauce. This type of protein is very low. This type is not considered as sauce, dipping sauce called. That is the work of cunning traders. This type of fraud, must be rejected. Make people not to enjoy the essence of Vietnam fish sauce industry.

    Evaluation of 95.65% of the protein sample with 40 degrees or more were evaluated fossil content credit above certain thresholds, PGS Thinh urgent: "the amount of fish, the more amino acids, the amino acid content much higher arsenic. That's of course. Say that will make people turn their backs on traditional sauce. Fish sauce industry from now until the level was justified by the heavy damage it, do not sell anymore.

    The sauce has a high protein content is what people are aiming for, like is hit in the head one sent a chill. Affect manufacturers of high protein fish sauce. Published what it has to offer to warn consumers or not? Not. Just as people increase confusion, misunderstanding, suspicion. And the sauce scapegoat now. Here's how to say equivocal, dangerous for consumers ".

    " I would assert that logic is not right. Because fish have much more organic arsenic. Do not understand accidentally or intentionally, but again given the same conclusion. If intentional, it is deplorable. "

    Tip try delicious sauce

    In relation to" civil war "fierce this, on the social network recently appeared sauce tips test has been widely used and "nodding" or compliment. Accordingly, for a delicious fish sauce or not, we just drop a few grains of rice in a bowl of cold water fish. If the rice grains floating fish is good. 2nd way, sauce bottle upside down and observe, if not well-Bubble sauce simmer or scum residue is also good sauce.

    Vinastas announced sauce contains arsenic threshold is illegal

    According to lawyer Truong Thanh Duc - Chairman of Management Board company Basico law: "the information published Vinastas sauce containing arsenic threshold is somewhat contrary law ".

    According to Germany, the competence to publish this information as state authorities, namely the Ministry of Health.

    Khanh Linh

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