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Fellowship commemorate the 59th establishment of the company
On The occasion of the 59th anniversary of the establishment of the company (23/10/1959 - 23/10/2018) ...
Calendar of the 2018 Fair
The company of the motor manufacturing Cat Hai report to the reference of Anniversary 2018 ...

By the end of 2017, Cat Hai Seafood Processing Service Joint Stock Co (Cat Hai Fisheries) ...
Cat Hai fish sauce to participate in the Da Nang fair 2017-12-22
 "Proud of Vietnamese Goods - Da Nang 2017" Fair takes place from 2017-12-22 to 2017-12-27 ...
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    Business Dep
    Decided to hold monthly promotions end of 2014

    Article 1: Perform monthly promotions in 2014 in the form of a discount of 2% on sales before tax, for the customers of the Company as follows:
          - As a direct customer of the unit, distributors, dealers ... (called agents) has signed a contract with consumer products company in 2014.
          - The company paid directly to customers through dealers, transfer agents benefits to customers directly.
          - The company pays a discounted rate for agents, for agents paid to customers directly shown on the invoice value added sales, in addition to discount the dealer was entitled to under the rules of consumption company in 2014, represented by a separate line.
          - The Agency shall make a list of customers directly sent to the Sales Company to coordinate monthly check.
         2. A client has not signed a contract with the company. The unit consumes affiliated company, synthetic daily alerts on company business bureau to coordinate inspection.
         3. As retail customers in the store, introduced the consumption of the unit under the Company through the Company's price has been adjusted.

         Conditions apply:
            - Customers must pay the right amount of goods to the Company
            - Customers do not violate rules on the management of goods, price and mode of payment of the company before and during implementation.
            - Customers (agent) has a contract to set up a list of points of sale are entitled to a discount as stipulated in the Company's business bureau sent monthly company.

    Article 2: Duration: From 01/11/2014 to 31/12/2014.

    Article 3: Planning Division is responsible accounting guidance specific to the unit consumption of the entire company to strictly implement this decision.
    - Sales offices are responsible for checking the implementation of discount stores, outlets of the agent and the consumer unit, if any irregularities reported corporate leaders to take measures to handle.
    - The unit of consumption, the functional departments and individuals concerned based on the functions assigned to notify their customers and perform. Download

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